Although an endodontist is a dentist, they have completed an additional three or more years of academic training after graduating from dental school to become a GDC-Registered Specialist in Endodontics.

This additional training is focused on diagnosing tooth pain, root canal treatment and other procedures relating to the inside of the tooth.

In most cases, an infected tooth can be saved with endodontic treatment.  A combination of extensive clinical knowledge, skill, and equipment is used to perform a seamless and pain free treatment.

Your general dentist has referred you to ENDO61 as Dr Bhanderi and Dr Jacobs are GDC – registered Specialists and only deal with the more complex and challenging cases by referral from general dentists. This can include patients who are extremely nervous.

For information about our fees, please visit our fees guide page.

We take a deposit in order to secure your appointment as each treatment will take over an hour. The deposit taken will be deducted from your total invoice at the end of your appointment.

Please note that deposits are non-refundable if you are to miss or cancel within 48 hours before your appointment.

We do not offer payment plans. We take a deposit at the time of booking the appointment and this is then deducted off the total invoice.

At present we are taking the full balance of the treatment the day before the appointment to minimise the contact and waiting time within the practice.

We have a carpark with limited spaces. If there is not a space available, there is a carpark opposite with no restrictions.
At present we are asking patients to attend their appointments on their own, due to COVID-19. This is to reduce the amount of people within the practice to enable us to stay safe and keep apart. Please see our new COVID patient guide.

Any accompanying persons should ideally wait in their car for the duration of the visit.

The aim of endodontic treatment is to relieve pain which is caused by either infection or inflammation of the pulp. We use local anaesthetics and modern techniques in order to make patients comfortable during their treatment.

You may experience some discomfort the first few days after your treatment. If this occurs, Dr Bhanderi will recommend appropriate pain relief if necessary.

If you do experience severe pain that lasts more than a few days, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can give you further advice.

We aim to make patients feel as comfortable as possible from the moment we contact them to leaving the practice after their treatment.

We use the most up-to-date equipment and with Dr Bhanderi’s and Dr Jacobs’ expertise and gentle manner, your treatment should be pain-free and comfortable.

For information about your endodontic treatment, please click on the link: About Endodontics

As you will be numb for a couple of hours after your treatment we would advise you to avoid eating any hot food or drinks.

It is fine to eat as normal before your treatment.

As you will just receive a local anaesthetic that will numb the area being treated, you will be fine to drive immediately your treatment.

We usually take around three to four radiographs. All radiographs that we take are absolutely necessary and justified. We use digital X-ray technology that have a lower dose than conventional film X-rays.

For further information please follow the link below: