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For patients that have recently had surgery with Dr Bhanderi, please feel free to download this ‘post-surgical care’ guide, or refer to the details outlined below.

Download our Post-Surgical Care Guide Here

Post-Surgical Care of mouth

  1. Mix one level teaspoonful of ordinary table salt into a tumbler of hot water, as hot as your mouth can take.
  2. Take a large mouthful and tilt your head to the painful side so that the hot salt solution floods the surgical site (HSWMR).
  3. Hold it there for one minute before spitting out. Repeat the procedure until the tumbler is empty. 4. Do this every 4 hours throughout the day for at least 7 days.

For Bleeding

  1. Dampen the sterilise gauzes provided or a clean damp handkerchief, and roll-up, place over the surgical site and close together to apply constant pressure for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Day of Treatment – Ice Packs every 2/3 hours and painkillers (see below).

Next Three Days

  1. Painkillers: 400mg Ibuprofen tablets (e.g. Nurofen plus) 3 times a day after food. Or a 1000mg Paracetemol alternative if you suffer from a gastric condition or asthma.
  2. For facial swelling: use Ice Packs (or frozen alternative)
  3. HSWMR every 4 hours alternately
  4. Avoid toothbrushing the area for at least a week after the surgery.