A selection of the kind words from patients whom we have treated.

“Good afternoon.  Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their kindness and support from Natalie in reception to the clinical team The whole process was painless, you were  excellent.   Thank you again.  Stay safe.”


“Please do thank Dr Bhanderi for the promptness of his report.   I will be in touch with Dr Lloyd-Hughes in due course. In the meantime I can report that, rather against what I expected, I have experienced no pain, or indeed even discomfort, following Dr Bhanderi’s treatment yesterday.  Please convey to him again my thanks for the excellent attention I have received.”

Mr Brown, Cheshire,

“Thank you for looking after me and for caring out such a professional and comfortable procedure. I felt no discomfort during the procedure, let alone pain, and very little during a speedy recovery.  Fingers crossed it all goes well from here. Thank you both again and especially to Dr Bhanderi who managed a disfigured procedure so well.”

Mrs Melton, North Wales,

“Thank you for your report following my endodontic procedure yesterday.  I am following your pain control advice and hoping that my left side will settle.  I am grateful for the work you have undertaken and thankful for the preservation of tooth 24. I marvel at your skill and the way in which a highly complicated and delicate operation is conducted with ease, efficiency and efficacy. As a more anxious patient now, I also appreciate the kind greeting extended by you and your team and would want you to know that I felt comforted and reassured throughout. Whilst I can not accede to the experience being pleasurable, I gladly acknowledge that I felt totally confident in your ability to offer the very best advice and treatment.  Please pass on my appreciation to all your staff.”

Ms Bennett, Stockport,

“Thank you for the report.  Please also thank Dr Bhanderi and the dental nurse that saw me (sorry I do not remember her name), I was that nervous I wasn’t paying much attention.  They were absolutely superb and I awoke a happy man this morning.  I hadn’t realised how much pain I had been in over the last 13 months until the pain had gone.”

Mr Robarts, North Wales,

“I would like to say that from the moment I had the fractured tooth which resulted in infecting the tooth and its surroundings, I was going to lose the hope for any chances to keep the tooth till I was referred to Dr Bhanderi and that was the best ever decision I made.
Starting from contacting the clinic and meeting the friendly and professional team in Endo 61. I am very happy and pleased to know that my tooth has been saved and cleared of infections thanks to Dr Bhanderi’s treatment. I would recommend any patient who is suffering from endodontics problems to get in touch with your clinic and I would describe your clinic as very specialist, honest and professional, also operates with in a dedicated and friendly team.
Again thank you very much for saving my tooth in a short period of time and for the high level of customer services I received from your clinic. Kind Regards”


“Dear Sanjeev,
Very many thanks for your email – I think I may frame the picture of the x-ray it is fantastic! – maybe next years Christmas card! I am so grateful to you and admiring of endodontists generally but especially to you. If all your RCT’s go so close to the apex you need a medal. And I am sure having someone who knows a little bit makes it more stressful.
I have found it all an “interesting” experience! I had one v. severe episode of pain in the middle of the next night and since then nothing so I am now off pain killers completely and now realise that the knee op hurt me more than I realised! Very many thanks”


“Just a few words to thank you all for making a potentially painful procedure not so painful.
I have trusted Geoff Sharples, my regular dentist for many years and had total faith in his recommendation to visit your practice. My nerves and anxiety were quickly suppressed upon arriving at Endo61. Both Sanjeev and the support team exhube a professionalism that is a rare commodity. The only pain suffered is the journey from Chorley and the invoice upon completion of my treatment 🙂 The procedure was so successful that I had no need for a single painkiller after leaving the surgery yesterday.
Finally, please apologise to Dr Bhanderi for constantly referring to him as Sanjeev. I wasnt being disrespectful. He needs to have a word with Geoff (sorry, Mr Sharples) and his team for constantly calling him by his first name!
Best wishes”

Craig Smith, PRESTON,

“Even without prior experience of the procedure, the words ‘root canal’ were enough to worry me. I was referred to Dr Bhanderi and his team as I had a large abscess that hadn’t responded to several courses of antibiotics and initial treatment at my usual dentist could not be completed. The referral process was efficient, the team welcoming, and Dr Bhanderi was very reassuring as he thoroughly explained the procedure. As my abscess was still quite large, I needed two visits; although I was advised to expect discomfort during the few days after the first treatment, within 3 days the abscess had almost fully resolved and I was pain-free for the first time in some months. My second visit completed the treatment and the tooth settled immediately; I continue to be pain-free. I had been anxious about this procedure, and the potential of losing my tooth, but Dr Bhanderi’s soothing manner and professional competence ensured my fears were unnecessary and my nerves calmed at the outset. Should the need arise for further endodontic treatment, I would have no hesitation in returning to Dr Bhanderi and his team at Endo61.”

Ms Ralph, CHESTER,

“I was referred to Dr Bhanderi for two root fillings both of which where technically challenging.
Dr Bhanderi successfully carried out the procedure on both teeth. What is remarkable is the fact that I was virtually unaware my teeth had been anesthetized and afterwards there was not the usual experience of numb cheeks or lips.
It is obvious to me that Dr Bhanderi is highly skilled and experienced in his profession and is using the very latest technology and dental treatments.
The fact is, I received treatment that technically could not be bettered elsewhere and I also received it from a person who really cares about his patients.
To have been treated by Dr Bhanderi has been a real privilege.”

D. McKellar, CHESHIRE,

“I was referred to Dr Bhanderi by a dentist in Hull, who recommended him highly for his work in endodontics. I had an abscess on my front tooth and there had been complications. Making an appointment was easy and shortly after referral I was welcomed to Endo61. I am a very nervous patient however Dr Bhanderi explained everything very clearly to me and Simone comforted me whilst treatment was carried out. After two treatments I feel assured that my abscess has gone. I cannot praise the team highly enough, from the initial telephone call to my last treatment, everyone is very professional and I look forward to seeing them for my check up next year!
Matisse – Please feel free to edit as much as you like!!!! You know that I have been very happy with everything.
I’ve also checked my holiday leave today and I’m running short for next year, therefore would it be possible to change my appointment from March to April? A Wednesday or Thursday at the same time would be good for me? Thank you
Kind regards”

Vanessa, HULL,

“I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Sanjeev Bhanderi for his efforts.
The highest degree of professional expertise of Dr Bhanderi and his staff at Endo61, is impressive.
I always have the highest respect and admiration for people who search perfection in whatever they do. Endo61 is a shiny example of this exceptional quality.
With kind regards,”


“Dr Bhanderi. I would very much like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent care you gave regarding relieving of the problem I was suffering. I was a little concerned that the treatment may be difficult, however your detailed explanation and patience were of the highest quality and helped me with my apprehension I would like to thank you and your staff for being very understanding and professional. Regards J P”

Mr J. Padget, HYDE,

“I recently had a failed root canal on the NHS. I suffered pain from the moment it was done. After complaining to the dentist and two sets of antibiotics later, which I would like to add made no difference at all, I was referred to Endo 61. From the moment I was introduced to Endo 61 I felt that I had made the right decision. The reception staff couldn’t have been more helpful and so pleasant to deal with.
Dr Bhanderi who I now refer to as ‘a saint’ explained what he felt was wrong and then how he was going to fix the problem. From the moment that the root canal filling was removed I felt instant relief. I would like to thank the whole team at Endo 61 for fixing my dental problem and making me feel so relaxed. If I had waited for the NHS to solve the problem I was told it would of taken weeks if not months! Money well spent in my opinion. As the saying goes you get what you pay for! Thanks again from a very satisfied Mrs Hall.”


“I had sustained an injury to my front tooth in childhood and had undergone an apicectomy in my late 20’s which had subsequently failed. I developed a very painful abscess which was not responding to repeat courses of antibiotics and my own dentist was unable to treat. Rather than losing the tooth my dentist referred me to Dr Bhanderi. Dr Bhanderi offered me an appointment very soon after I was referred and was able to assess and diagnose the problem and offer a treatment plan on my first visit. Dr Bhanderi very carefully and clearly explained what the treatment involved and what the various options were.
I opted to have surgery and I am pleased to say the surgery was successful and I have managed to retain my tooth which is really important from a self confidence point of view. Dr Bhanderi was extremely professional, kind and courteous at all times. The clinic was clean and modern and every effort was made to put me at ease, minimise the likelihood of any complications during surgery and secure the best possible outcome from the surgery. Having access to all the latest imaging equipment meant that my progress could be carefully monitored and evaluated at every visit and during the actual surgery.

I have every confidence in Dr Bhanderi’s professional competency and capability.
Thank you Dr Bhanderi.”

Ms. F. Blakeman, WARRINGTON,

“I am writing to put my thanks to Dr Bhanderi and staff for the excellent treatment and aftercare during my recent root surgery. I would have no hesitation in using his services again should the need arise. In appreciation.”

Mrs B. Samways, WILMSLOW,

“I was recommended to Dr. Sanjeev Bhanderi by Dr Joanne Ingleby at Parkfield Dental Practice. I must admit I was rather apprehensive about having “root canal” treatment, in reality it was one of the “highlights” of my year (sad!). Dr. Bhanderi soon put me at ease and with his expertise the treatment was successfully completed in 2 1/2 hours, I left his surgery and went out for lunch.
I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Bhanderi.”


“I have recently had root canal treatment at Dr Bhanderi surgery, despite there being complications my treatment was completely pain free and very efficient. Dr Bhanderi was extremely charming, highly recommended.”


“I was referred to Dr Bhanderi recently from my own dentist. Having had a very painful root canal treatment in the past, I can’t say I was looking forward to the visit!
I needn’t have worried. I found the staff at Endo 61 really friendly and efficient which helped to put me at my ease. Dr Bhanderi talked me through the treatment every step of the way and was very gentle. The follow up advice as to what to expect over the next few days was also spot on. A big thank you!”

Ms. J Band, MARPLE,

“I was referred to Dr Bhanderi by my regular dentist after picking up an anomaly in my molar that required specialist treatment. As a nervous patient being told root canal treatment was required was never going to be a nice thing to hear, but from entering Dr. Bhanderi’s surgery I was put completely at ease and the treatment itself was swift and painless.”

Mr G. Aldrich, GATLEY,

“I was referred to Dr Bhanderi from my dentist for specialist endodontic treatment. I was greeted in a very convivial and welcome manner by reception. When discussing my prospective treatment with Dr Bhanderi, I was very much put at ease with his professional manner. This was certainly borne through whilst in surgery and I am pleased to say, my treatment was satisfactorily completed on a single visit to the practice. Would highly recommend Dr Bhanderi in this specialist area of dentistry.”

L. Peppi, CHEADLE,

“Dr Bhanderi made a complicated molar root canal seem straightforward. The whole process was completely pain-free whilst he and all his staff were professional, polite and reassuring at all times. I would recommend him highly and without reservation to anyone who requires his expertise.
Many thanks again to you and your staff.”


“I just wanted to say thank you to all of the team at Endo61 for an almost pain free, very swift root canal treatment. Please pass my thanks to Dr Bhanderi and your other colleagues – very much appreciated especially as I was late due to work commitments.

If only getting my follow-up appointment at my own dentist wasn’t proving so difficult but that’s another story…

Regards and best wishes”

Mrs Moorhouse, SALE,

“My dentist referred me to Dr Bhanderi for root canal treatment. I have had root canal treatment before for a different tooth and wasn’t looking forward to it. Not only was my treatment painless, even the slight discomfort I was warned about was barely palpable and I returned to work to see my own patients half an hour later without the usual numb face and drooping lip! I would happily recommend the very gentle Dr Bhanderi to anyone who requires specialist endodontic work.”

Dr Patel,

“I was referred to Dr Bhanderi by my own dentist for some expert root canal treatment. I was dreading it as I have had root canal treatment in the past by a different dentist and found it both time consuming and very painful.I had never been to Dr Bhanderi practice before but on arrival his staff immediately made me feel most welcome. Dr Bhanderi himself put me at my ease immediately with his warm and friendly manner. The whole treatment took over an hour. With his gentleness and superb professional skills it was without doubt the best hour I have ever spent in a dentist’s chair. I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dr Bhanderi and his practice.”

June Everton, NW,

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kindness during my resent visit. Since school I have never liked visiting the dentist because of the bad memories. At my resent visit for root work I was made very welcome by your staff in to a bright open space reception with a friendly atmosphere. Mr Bhanderi made me comfortable before explaining the operation and how he was going to control the pain. Once he prepared the tooth I felt no pain at all, which was a great relief and the best thing is Mr Bhanderi uses the most up to date technology my face and jaw were not numb only the tooth being operated on. Once I left the surgery I was able to eat and drink within the hour. Thank you so much to you all for making my visit a stress free and comfortable one.”

Ken Fowler, Deeken Photographics,

“I was referred to Dr Bhanderi after visiting my dentist who said I needed specialist root canal treatment. On making my first appointment I found them very polite and helpful. On visiting end61 for my appointment I found all the staff pleasant. The treatment I received from Dr Sanjeev Bhanderi was superb and very professional. Like to thank all Endo61 for their excellent service and superb modern practice”.


“I was referred to Dr Bhanderi by my dentist Mr McLean. The greeting and service from the staff was excellent, warm and friendly. The surgery and waiting areas were spotlessly clean. Dr Bhanderi and his dental nurse were very reassuring, caring and professional. I was fully informed throughout the procedure and the treatment was swift and painless. Weeks of agony were rectified within an hour. I would recommend this practice without hesitation”.


“I was referred to Dr Bhanderi for root canal treatment and am really grateful as without his work the tooth could not have been saved. I was extremely apprehensive about attending for treatment but from the moment I walked through the door I was put at ease. Dr Bhanderi and his staff were very reassuring. Everything was explained fully during the treatment and I felt comfortable and secure throughout the procedure. I felt in very safe hands and thankfully my tooth has been saved and I am now free of pain.”


“I was very nervous about having root canal treatment. Mr Bhanderi completely put me at ease and I can honestly say that I felt no pain at all throughout the treatment. I can’t thank him enough!!”

Mrs H. Pollard, MANCHESTER,

“I was referred to Dr Bhanderi from Dr Panchmatia at First Dental Care, Denton whose practice I had recently joined due to unsatisfactory treatment by an NHS dentist. I was assured that Dr Bhanderi was extremely qualified and an expert in root canal work. I received an appointment within the week and after checking out his website I was more than impressed. I am an extremely nervous patient and even enquired about sedation, but the receptionist completely put me at ease so I decided to go ahead without it. Dr Bhanderi explained in detail what was wrong with the two teeth I was having problems with. One of them could have had a new root canal filling, but he advised me it wouldn’t last longer than 5 years and the best way forward would be to have an implant (which would have to be done by a different specialist). This gave me peace of mind he was giving me the best possible advice. The root canal filling on the other tooth was leaking and so needed replacing. To my surprise the treatment was completely painless. He took regular images during the treatment which leaves no room for any errors. In the past after having treatment I usually feel battered, bruised and the rest of the day is a washout. I felt so good when I left the surgery I treated myself to some retail therapy! After years of being terrified of the dentist and silently suffering I will be happy to go to my next appointment.
Thank you to all the staff at Endo 61!”

J. Gregson, CHESHIRE,

“I was referred to Dr Bhanderi from my dentist for root treatment. I had been worried about having the treatment as I thought it would be painful, but I needn’t have been. I didn’t feel any pain the whole way throughout the procedure and didn’t even feel the initial injection, which was brilliant. Dr Bhanderi was caring, kind and informative during the treatment. I have had no pain since. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.”


“A big thank you to Sanjeev; Matisse and the entire Endo61 team,
Going to the dentist is never something I enjoy doing, especially when the procedure is root canal which I have heard from a variety of sources if very painful. However due to the professionalism of Endo 61 I left feeling very well looked after and I’m glad to say feeling no pain at all.
I was kindly contacted by Matisse who greatly assisted me with booking the appointment and directions to get there as I could have ended up anywhere, which was then followed up by Dr Sanjeev who was excellent during the entire procedure as was his assistant.
To top it off I got a well guided sheet that told me what I can expect after the process, safe to say I haven’t eaten anything crunchy.
Once again a massive thank you, really appreciate your help.”

Alex Naylor, CHESHIRE,

“Dear Matisse

Just a note to say thank you for yesterday. I felt so welcome and was reassured by your kindness.

Please pass on my thanks to Dr Bhanderi and his nurse.”

Deborah, NW,

“Good Afternoon Matisse,

Many thanks for getting this over so quick.

I just wanted to email and express my thanks at the quality of service and treatment I received yesterday.

I was made to feel welcome and everything was explained to me brilliantly, also it was pain free and the whole process was so much easier and less stressful than expected.

If you have anywhere that you have recommendations please let me know and I will write one.”

Becky, NW,

“Dear Dr Bhanderi and team,

It’s exactly one week since I arrived at Endo61 feeling quite anxious about the root-canal work that was about to take place, but all my concerns were rapidly allayed by the reassuring words of the team and my expectations have been exceeded; I am both delighted and relieved to report that I have had neither pain nor discomfort in the aftermath of the work. The tooth settled down quickly, there was no hint of swelling and I had no need for painkillers, for which I am very grateful. Thank you.

Dr Bhanderi’s surgery was so full of amazing equipment and the procedure so involved, that the questions were piling up in my head but, given that my mouth was so full of “stuff”, I was unable to ask any of them. However, the one that’s still puzzling me is: has the colour of the problem tooth actually (been) changed or is it just an optical illusion?

Either way, Dr Bhanderi is a master craftsman and I herein offer my sincere thanks for a job well done.

Best wishes to all.”

Freda Booth, NW,

“Miss White, thank you for the report. Please find attached a letter to Dr Bhanderi relating to my treatment and visit on Tuesday. I would like to con very my thanks to all involved and not forgetting Natalie who took the time to ring me later to check if I was OK.”

John, NW,

“Hi Natalie

Further to my conversation this morning re patients experience at ENDO61 I understand how important feedback is

As a result of needing urgent root canal treatment, I was at short notice given an appointment at ENDO61 at this point I was in severe pain but my experience was very positive from the start. Really welcoming reception staff and Dr Sanjeev L Bhanderi put me at ease straight away, very calmly explaining what the procedure would be. I was really worried about it as my dentist has said that it was going to be a difficult procedure due to the nature of the treatment needed.

In fact it was almost pain free and little discomfort and with support from the nurses too it was a really nice experience and I felt really safe in the Drs hands as he is obviously an expert in his field and made me feel confident.

I would ? recommend this practice for anyone needing endodontic treatment, my tooth is saved and the pain has gone and was not like I imagined it to be !

Thank you”

Shirley Awan, NW,

“Dear Mrs Grant,

Thank you for sending over the report.

Also, many thanks to you, Dr Bhanderi and the team for a painless, swift and professional service – it was very much appreciated.”

Catherine Pickup, NW,

“Thanks a lot and a massive thanks for everything Dr Bhanderi done for me!

He is an excellent doctor!”

Alice, LEEDS,

“Hi Daisy

Thanks very much for your help – with the greatest possible respect, I’m hoping that my tooth responds well, and that I won’t need to come back!

As recommended, I’ve booked in for a temporary crown in 2 weeks time with Rebecca, my local dentist, with a view to getting a permanent crown from her in 3 months time.

Thanks again for your and Sanjeev’s help, and your kind patience and concern while I was writhing around in agony on the chair! Actually, it didn’t hurt too much. ?”

Ms Shanklin, NW,

“Dear Natalie,

Thank you for forwarding the report.

I would like to thank Dr Sanjeev L Bhanderi for the job he did on my tooth yesterday. The tooth feels much better already and the swelling in the gum has reduced. I have not had to take any pain killers .

I’ m really hoping for a successful outcome and am optimistic that all will work out .

Thanks again”

Andy Potter, NW,

“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all at Endo61 for your care and very welcoming approach. (not to mention the parking and shopping advice?). It is much appreciated especially to customers from out of the area and who are a bit nervous.”

Susan, NW,